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I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for over 30 years. It’s intergenerational in my family too. My grandmother was a waitress for 50 years until she passed away. She helped open Elias Brothers Big boy. My mother worked in restaurants for over 20 years; from the time she was 16 until 40 she waited tables. My aunt is in her mid 50’s and she’s been waiting tables since she was 17. This is a family matter for me.

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Lisa Former business owner I’m not a tipped worker and never was, but I was a restaurant chef for many years and I employed restaurant

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Melissa I support One Fair Wage because all workers should be able to work full time, make a decent living, be able to support themselves

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Dialing on minimum wage hike

Dialing on minimum wage hike Michigan’s Republican-led Senate passed bills Wednesday that would substantially scale back citizen-initiated minimum wage and paid sick leave laws that

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