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It’s time to raise the minimum wage for everyone.

Michigan One Fair Wage is on a mission to make sure that every working person in Michigan can take care of themselves and their families. We want to raise the minimum wage to $12, including servers, bartenders and others who make the lower subminimum wage.

Our proposal would gradually raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2022 and would raise the tipped wage to $12 an hour by 2024.

Why do we want to #RaiseTheWage?

  • All working people should get the guarantee of a minimum wage that allows them to make ends meet and increases their spending power. When working people make more money, they spend it locally, which helps drive the economy forward.
  • We need to end the subminimum tipped wage so working people who currently rely on tips can have stability, predictability, and dignity with their paychecks. Right now, working people like restaurant servers only make $3.52 an hour.
  • Greedy CEOs who don’t want to pay their employees a fair wage are forcing people onto public assistance. No one should have to be on assistance just because their bosses don’t pay them enough.

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