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Tuesday, Dec. 18 and Wednesday, Dec. 19, we’re hosting the first People’s Lobby, where people like us from around the state will stand in the Capitol and lobby for our values and issues. We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder together and reclaim our Capitol from the corporate lobbyists who think they own the place.

UPDATE: The training locations:
Tuesday: Progress Michigan/America Votes Office, 215. S Washington Sq, Suite 135, Lansing
Wednesday: Michigan AFL-CIO Office, 419 Washington Square S Suite 200, Lansing, Lower Level

NOTE: We’ll have meals and a limited number of hotel rooms and gas stipends for those who can make the trip, because we know that the people who truly belong in the capitol are not the privileged elite.
Will you join us? SIGN UP USING THIS FORM.

The GOP knows the people have won the future. That’s why this lame duck session has been so cruel — the Right Wing has been grasping at anything to hold onto some power. It won’t work.

Last week, we reclaimed the capitol for the people, and we marked the end of corporate rule in Michigan. We are working for a future with no more corporate lobbyists, beginning now.

This Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll share our aspirational vision for Michigan while we continue to disrupt this lame duck temper tantrum the Right Wing has been throwing.

Tuesday & Wednesday - 12/18 -12/19

8:30 AM – 11:45 PM

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