Michigan Becomes the 8th One Fair Wage State and Prepares to Defend Raise for Tipped Workers

The voices of over 400,000 people helped put the Michigan minimum wage initiative on the ballot in November, yet on their first day back in session, legislators used an underhanded tactic, by adopting it themselves in order to take it off the ballot, with the intention of gutting it in lame duck session to repeal a raise for tipped workers who currently earn a wage of $3.52/hr. Knowing the popularity of the initiative would bring people to the polls in November, they instead chose to suppress voter turnout among people of color, women, immigrants and the 1.1 million healthcare professionals, educators, service industry and production workers who would have received a much needed boost to their income, by keeping minimum wage off the November ballot. They also thwarted a $3.1 billion economic stimulus that would have added to the Michigan economy.

This is not acceptable, nor are we going to put up with it! We intend to hold these legislators accountable to maintaining the spirit and language of the original ballot initiative, to include all workers including tipped workers to get a wage and earn tips on top.

Here’s how you can help. First, since Michigan did technically became the 8th One Fair Wage state in the country, we do want to celebrate everyone’s hard work with our friends and allies, come mingle with us in Detroit and Lansing.

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Wednesday, September 19th, 5-8pm
Colors Detroit Restaurant
311 East Grand River Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226
-Food Provided and Cash Bar-

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Tuesday, September 25, 5-8pm
Location TBD
Lansing, MI

Join us to protect your RAISE!

We have volunteer training and canvassing happening everyday across the state. Please sign up now for a training!

Ann Arbor - 9/18

11am and 6pm

Detroit - 9/22

12 - 2pm