Michigan Republicans are undertaking a diabolical plan to kill a popular minimum-wage ballot measure

The Michigan GOP has held the state’s legislature since 2010 because the party drew one of the nation’s most gerrymandered legislative maps. Republicans used that power to punish the poor with Medicaid work requirements, create “rape insurance,” and cut corporate taxes while raising them on the poor and elderly. But after eight years of unified Republican control of state government in Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer will break that stranglehold when she enters the governor’s mansion in January. The party isn’t loosening its grip on power so easily, though, instead offering one final and audacious attempt to undermine the will of the voters before Whitmer takes office.

The Michigan Republican Party is using its legislative majority in the lame duck session to gut popular citizen-initiated laws that would mandate paid sick leave and increase the state’s $9.25 hourly minimum wage to $12 per hour for all workers, including tipped employees, by 2022.                                          

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