I support One Fair Wage because all workers should be able to work full time, make a decent living, be able to support themselves and their family, and thrive.

A $12 an hour increase would mean the world to me Making $12 an hour plus tips would help relieve the daily stress of having to prioritize my sons medical care over food and shelter. That’s literally how we live.

I have a 5 year old son with autism and he has a lots of doctor appointments, evaluations therapies and different appointments I have to drive him to. Having a fair wage would give me employment that helps my family’s living situation, and I would still be able to get my son the services he needs.

I’m unemployed now, but I waited tables for 12 years. It cost me more to work so now I’m unemployed, if you can believe that.

It was just costing me more to have a job and by that I mean I didn’t earn enough money with my sub minimum wage plus tips to drive to and from work. I had to work between five and six days a week, and then I ended up making about $80 total. That’s what happens when you’re making $2.35 an hour. We get assistance from the state for my sons’ autism but we’re in this place where we’re not poor enough to get assistance, but not quite rich enough to make ends meet.

On top of the stress of not knowing if you’re going to make enough, you have to rely on the graciousness of others for your money. It was so stressful. People won’t tip if they’re not feeling good too. You saw that. As times got tougher, the tips got less and less, so I was depending on my hourly rate, which is nothing. Then I couldn’t take my son to therapy because more than half of my take home was used to get me back and forth from the job.

If I made $12 plus tips, I wouldn’t have to worry about having gas to get him to his services and get to work.